Blog Posts

Occasionally I engage in the ill-advised activity of actually trying to articulate my thoughts by writing them down. Despite the obvious negative consequences of publishing it on the web, the text that I generate will inevitably find its way here, at which point all are free to read and comment on the rashness of my ideas.

Answering to the Future: Why All Legacy Code Should Die - October 4, 2015: Why design should only be held accountable to the future and remain unencumbered by the constraints of legacy code.

The Mini-App Predicament - September 27, 2015: A discussion of some of the experiences that I had working on a full scale production application, how it differed from working with mini-applications, and the implications I discerned for doing high-performance systems engineering.

Coming Soon:

Strong AI: If it exists, why it won't be discovered by an AI researcher.

The Power of Program Analysis: the missing piece of how we code today.

Public Speaking for Introverts: why I like talking in public despite being an introvert.